Risk Management Services

  • Train your managers and supervisors on federal and state law requirements and issues
  • Provide training seminars on site or via Web
  • Conduct training seminars and provide materials in English and or Spanish on avoiding discriminatory practices, hiring and firing of employees, Covid-19 Leave related violations
  • Review and develop employee handbooks based on your specific corporate, industry and regulatory needs
  • Review and develop employee forms related to discipline and performance improvement plans
  • Review and develop employer and employee agreements
  • Provide on-call attorney counsel for your managers and supervisors regarding employee issues
  • Assist with Covid-19 related paid leave.

Texas Workforce Commission Claims

  • Assistance with unemployment benefit claims if former employee does not qualify for unemployment benefit claims and we will respond to the initial claims, help you with the telephone TWC hearings, and draft the appeal
  • Outsource your Assistance with Texas Pay Day Law wage claims to us and we will respond to the initial claim, conducthelp you with telephone hearings appearances, and draft the appeal

Pre-litigation Services

  • Provide experienced representation before state and federal administrative agencies, including Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”), the Texas Workforce Commission on Human Rights (“TCHR”) now under the Texas Workforce Commission, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (“OSHA”), and the Department of Labor (“DOL”)
  • Conduct employee investigations regarding complaints made to the EEOC, TCHR, TWC, OSHA, and DOL
  • Prepare and represent your company at mediations before EEOC, TCHR, TWC, OSHA, and DOL

Risk Management and Litigation

  • Defend you in Discrimination (Race, Sex, Disability, Gender)/HarassmentRetaliation claims and lawsuits
  • Defend you in Covid-19 Leave Claims and lawsuits
  • Defend you in Overtime or Unpaid Commissions claims and lawsuits
  • Defend you in Family Medical Leave Act claims and lawsuits